Consumer Academic Program

The Centre for Psychiatric Nursing operates from a belief that consumer perspective is an academic discipline in its own right, with application to research and education activities. Health professions, academics and practitioners benefit from being taught by consumers and from research that is informed by consumer perspective.

The past three cycles of national and state mental health policy in Australia have recognised that effective partnerships with consumers are a cornerstone of modern healthcare.

Historically, implementation of these policies has been hampered when funding has not been aligned with policy intent.

The consumer perspective academic program aims to progress the policy agenda through

  • Further articulating consumer perspective as an academic discipline, its principles and practices.
  • Promoting consumer perspective as integral to the educational preparation of all mental health practitioners.
  • Advocating that mental health research initiatives are informed by a properly resourced consumer perspective

The consumer perspective academic program has an interdisciplinary focus and has established links with interstate and international thinkers and activists. These collegiate relationships form a pedigree.

We work with consumers, consumer organisations, the non-government sector, advocacy organisations academics, mental health practitioners, mental health services, government, tertiary institutions and broader community to progress common goals and to promote consumer perspective.