Best Practice in the Administration of Intramusular Injections - 3 Hour Workshop

Workshop Outline 

(3 hour workshop, current year dates noted on Training Calendar) - Please note due to the practical nature of the workshop, each workshop has only 8 participants  

Workshop Description

What needle length will ensure that the medication is injected into the muscle and not into the subcutaneous fat tissues of a patient who has a BMI of 35? Why should I be using the ventrogluteal site? Can I still use the dorsoglutueal site if my patient prefers it? How close to the posterior circumflex humeral artery will my needle penetrate if I use the standard '2-3 finger-widths below the acromion process' to locate the deltoid injection site? Should I aspirate? Is swabbing necessary? what about z-tracking, bubbling, massaging, stretching or bunching?

This practical hands-on workshop will answer these questions and more! Using the latest available evidence, these workshops are designed to equip the clinician with the skill, knowledge and attitudes to safely and effectively administer intramuscular injections to any patient in any setting.

Workshop Benefits

Nurses who participate in this workshop will develop the knowledge, skills, competence and confidence in the administration of intramuscular injections. Completion of the workshop could qualify for Credentialing Points (CPP) with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Credentialing for Practice Program.

Who should attend?

Health professionals who administer intramuscular injections.

Workshop Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, participant should be able to: 

  • Identify and locate various sites suitable for the administration of IMI's
  • Discuss the implications of contemporary evidence regarding the depth of subcutaneous fat tissue at gluteal & deltoid injection sites
  • Describe the underlying nerves, blood vessels and other structures that must be avoided when administering IMI's at various injection sites
  • Identify the potential consequences of incorrect injection technique
  • Safely administer IMI's using the ventrogluteal, deltoid and anterolateral thigh sites
  • Discuss the strenght of evidence supporting practices such a z-tracking, air-bubbling, massaging and or bunching

Topics Covered

This  workshop is designed to combine the theory and practice of Clinical Supervision. The workshop includes: 

  • Research evidence regarding success rates for IMI's at various sites
  • Discussion of issues such as consumer preference, pharmacological developments, evidence-practice gaps; managing practice change
  • Safe and accurate location of suitable sites for IMI's
  • The relationship between BMI and subcutaneous tissue depth and needle lengths required for successful IMI
  • Hands-on practice administering IMI's using state-of-the-art injection manequins

This workshop is designed for nurses of all disciplines and can be delivered within individual workplaces if there are sufficient no of attendees.

For us to deliver this training in your workplace, there would need to be 6 - 8 participants, you would need to provide the venue and any catering requirements and if outside the Melbourne metropolitan area your service would also incur the costs or travel and accommodation for the two facilitators.

For further information on the costs of running this 3 hour training program in your workplace, please contact us

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