Co-Production: Theory & Practice

Workshop Outline

(One day workshop, current year dates noted on Training Calendar)

Workshop Description

There has been growing interest in coproduction in the past decade, particularly in the UK where a series of government commissioned documents have been published promoting coproduction as a type of partnership between governments, services and service users (Boyle & Thomas, 2009).  Coproduction raises the bar for working with consumers, from seeking involvement/ participation after an agenda has already been set, to seeking consumer leadership from the outset.  This half day workshop provides participants with the basis for thinking critically about what coproduction is and is not in the context of mental health. The workshop will highlight key ingredients for successful coproduction initiatives and participants will have the opportunity to discuss and plan out how coproduction methods can be applied within their own work environment.                                                                       

Participants will be introduced to the various definitions, key concepts and principles underpinning coproduction methods and invited to explore what coproduction means in the context of mental health. The workshop will provide opportunities for participants to think practically and creatively about the potential for using coproduction techniques in their own organisations. A variety of didactic, experiential and discursive learning methods will be employed to maximise learning.

Workshop Benefits

This workshop will provide participants with: opportunities to identify underpinning key concepts and principles of coproduction methods in mental health contexts; opportunities to share ideas about applying coproduction techniques to local settings. Completion of the workshop may equate Credential for Practice Points (CPP) with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Credential for Practice Program

Who should attend?

The workshop will suit consumer consultants, clinical managers, leaders and practitioners or anyone with an interest in or currently working in clinical/consumer partnership.

Workshop Outcomes

Through participation in active learning participants will develop their understanding of coproduction and gain ideas about how coproduction methods can be used within their own organisations.

Topics Covered:

  • The many meanings of coproduction
  • Key concepts and principles underpinning coproduction methods in mental health contexts
  • Applying coproduction techniques at work

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