Every Moment Counts: Creating Meaningful Communication with Consumers

Workshop Outline

(One day workshop, current year dates noted on Training Calendar)

Workshop Description

Acute mental health settings are very busy places where it can seem as though there is just not enough time to spend with consumers. This one day workshop raises the question: how can you make the most of the time you do have with consumers? How can you create meaningful relationships with consumers if you only have 10 minutes? What do mental health practitioners need in order to be able to make every moment count? How do you evaluate whether interactions have been experienced as useful? This workshop will introduce a range of techniques, practices and tools that can be used in time poor situations that nevertheless maximise the potential for respectful, useful and meaningful connections with consumers. 

 In this interactive workshop participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify and reflect on the structural and professional challenges and enablers to creating meaningful relationships with consumers
  • learn about the ingredients of relationships with mental health practitioners that consumers value and appreciate
  • Be introduced to tools supporting 'meaningful moments' with consumers
  • Practice techniques and tools that create meaningful communication and relationships     
  • Be introduced to techniques for evaluating short interactions

This workshop is developed and facilitated by a consumer/clinician team and will provide participants with opportunities to explore how to maximise connecting with consumers when time is in short supply.  This workshop will use a range of teaching/learning approaches and participants will have the opportunity to learn in a supportive and reflective environment.

Workshop Benefits

Participants will be introduced to a range of tools and strategies to facilitate communication and relationships in time poor settings. These skills will complement existing mental health practice skill sets. Completion of the workshop may contribute to Credential for Practice Points (CPP) with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Credential for Practice Program.

Who should attend?

This workshop will suit all mental health practitioners.

Workshop Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, it is expected that the participant will be able to:

  • Reflect on structural and professional challenges and enablers to supporting meaningful relationships with consumers
  • Understand the care environments that consumers appreciate and the qualities and actions consumers value in mental health practitioners
  • Use a range of techniques and tools to support meaningful relationships with consumers when time is scarce  
  • Be familiar with evaluative techniques for these practices

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