Mental Health Tele-Triage Competency Assessment Tool

The MHTT-CAT is an interactive computer software program that can be installed into all Windows based devices. The program contains a framework for telephone-based Mental Health Triage that consists of six core competencies.The program can be used for Training and Assessment so that it has the dual function of preparing clinicians through training (embedding the framework) and testing their competence to practice.

The MHTT-CAT tracks Clinician decision-making and will then produce a brief Summary Report and qualitative feedback in the form of comment or suggestion, which can then be discussed with the Clinician undertaking the assessment in the context of professional development. The qualitative feedback provided by the program is the form of suggested screening questions derived from the World Health Organisation’s Composite International Diagnostic Interview, which is a comprehensive, fully standardised psychiatric interview framework that can be used to assess mental disorders according to the definitions and criteria of the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases 10th Edition (ICD-10).

By way of example and to demonstrate how this interactive component of the program works we provide the following example: If a Trainee takes a call from a person with a history of depression, there are a number of standard screening questions that should be asked to confirm the provisional diagnosis of depression and facilitate risk assessment and intervention. Questions about history of attempted suicide, psychiatric history, appetite, sleep, and concentration are some examples of standard screening questions for depression. If the Trainee omits to ask standard/expected questions during the consultation, at the end of the Session the MHT-CAP will provide feedback in the form of brief suggestions for screening questions for the overlooked items. The feedback can then be discussed with the Trainer and used to assist practice development.

Key benefits of MHTT-CAT

For further information on MHTT-CATT please contact Associate Professor Stephen Elsom - / 8344 9460